I just started learning how to crochet. My Grandma thought me how to knit, crochet and embroider when I was little but I never passed from making a long rectangle or a embroidered napkin.
She really try to tech me how to do all three because I was a quick learner but one day I lost interest in it... like any other hyper kid.
Now that I'm doing crochet again, I feel more connected to my Grandma and of course I wish I would've listened and learned more from her.
Making Tahlits for people is a joy for me. Tahlit is Hebrew for Prayer Shawl.
Since I started making my first Tahlit I got hooked!! I have made three since then and I'm working on my 4th one.
Each Tahlit is unique, usualy I ask the person I'm giving the Tahlit, for her favorite color and I choose the second color. I'm making them of different designs but they are very simple... Hope I learn how to make some other shapes so they keep on changing. But for now is mostly about colors and lines.

Andi's Tahlit
This is the second Tahlit I made and the first one I gave away. The colors are green (pistachio) and bone color.

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